Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Spring Recital

Last Saturday our music students gave their spring recital.  Here is a picture of all the students beforehand.

This year's recital program

And here are a few pictures from the day

Kyra plays a Chopin Polonaise

Megan playing Mendelssohn's "Mosquito Dance"

Hayden plays "Sailor's Song"

George, Will, and Jake playing "Bile dem Cabbage Down"

Morgan playing a Minuet by Telemann

Samuel plays "The Ride of Paul Revere"

Addie introduces her piece

Anna and Joy playing an arrangement of "Blessed Assurance"

Nicolas plays "Happy Hans"

Madison introduces her piece

Rebekah plays a Minuet by Boccherini

Wyatt plays Massenet's "Meditation"

Clara, Callie, and Chloe playing a cute trio, "Three's a Crowd Rag"

Edyn plays a Minuet by Haydn

This year one of our students had two students of her own to play in the recital.  Anna is a student of her older sister's.

Our cousin videoed the recital for us this year, so we don't have any clips to share yet - maybe later!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Zoo Day 2014

A couple weeks ago we took our annual trip to the zoo with our church and friends.

Waiting at the zoo entrance for the rest of our group to arrive.

Brenna, Nate, Aylah, and Seth

The Kings and some of the Heaths


Rebekah and Laura

The Hammonds
The Pooles

Some of us fed the giraffes

Rebekah and Abram on a camel ride...

...while Daddy, Melissa, and Mama look on

Tony (the little boy Deborah babysits) and his family went with us.

Samuel, Kyra, Patrick, and Edyn at lunchtime



The meerkats are so fun to watch!

Ella and Caleb



Nicolas and Emma want to pet a duck!

In the reptile house

Deborah and Tony

Waiting for the Sea Lion Show