Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Moore Edition: Family Photos

Because Melissa and Ross don't have internet at home (and probably are too busy chasing after these cuties to post even if they did), I'm going to post some recent family pictures for them.

This little girl is growing up so fast!

Our little man

It is so fun to watch these two interact as Katherine gets old enough to play more with Hugh.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Deborah and Daniel's Wedding Shower

Several weeks ago our church had a wedding shower for Deborah and Daniel.

Bro. Rob welcomes everyone

Little ones playing together


It is fun to watch our little cousins enjoy Hugh and Katherine!

Tyler and Jonathan

Our cute Katherine


Opening shower gifts

Watching as the gifts are opened

Mrs. Cullifer and Katherine

Noelle, Gideon, and Tyler

Rachel, Rebekah, and Laurie

Ross reading to Hugh

Rebekah crocheted this afghan for Deborah and Daniel

Thanks to the generosity of many dear friends, D&D were blessed with a lot of nice gifts!

Deborah and Laurie (with a photobomb by David...)

Mama and Aunt Sheron