Sunday, March 26, 2017

A "New" Kitchen!

Earlier his month Daddy and Mother spent hours and hours,
beautifully tiling our kitchen wall

Good ol' David was here to help with the biggest part...

...and here it is, almost finished...

...and here it is COMPLETELY finished!
It gives the kitchen a whole new, warm look, and
I think it is so cozy and lovely!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Baby Bunny is a GIRL!!!

We are happily awaiting her arrival! :)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Lewis Edition: It's February!

... and we're getting ready to go camping!!!

The "camping list" I made when we camped 
last fall saved me so much time and mental effort ...
and made the packing process much more enjoyable!

Almost ready!

At our campsite on Lavon Lake

Russell is enjoying getting back into film photography.
I think the shadows in this photo of his are so neat!

The first night it got down to 45 degrees.
We froze ... almost! :)
Here we are snuggled under our stack of blankets, reading.

Morning coffee and Bible reading the second
(and last) morning

It was extremely windy, which made cooking
on the camp stove a challenge!

We thought these eggs were the best we had ever tasted! :)

On the way home we stopped in Mineola and had lunch
at the East Texas Burger Company.  Delicious!!!

Then Russell bought us Bluebell at a little ice cream shop!  So yummy!

Valentine's Day!

What a reminder of the great love of Christ for us!!!

Getting craft supplies together to make Valentines
for some special people!

Some of my favorites

Heart-shaped cheese crackers for students!

They were pretty pleased! :)

Tulips from my Valentine!!!

Breathtakingly beautiful!

A gift from a friend :)

I'm learning calligraphy using a book,
 "Learn Calligraphy" by Margaret Shepherd.

It's SO much fun!!!

Some of the names I could write with
the letters I'd learned so far. :)

The seedlings are growing!!!

Look at the roots on this fella!

The squash and cucumber plants love their new spot
in our sunny, front kitchen window.

A chilly day and hot chocolate from a friend!

I finally decided how to display pictures
and special notes!

We like it!

Finally, a concert that didn't prohibit photography!
(I actually took this before it started anyway. :))

The Marshall Symphony


Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Hale Edition: November-February

Here's a completely miscellaneous post with random pictures from the past few months all thrown in together. :) I'm trying to catch up!

Trying to squeeze everyone into the same picture!

Papa Bear and Ima with their 8 (soon to be 12!!) grandchildren

The girls LOVE Sarah's new puppy!

Daniel working in a crowded freezer - one of the 4 walk-in freezers at Windy Meadows Family Farm

And yes, he usually knows exactly where everything is!

Family time at the farm

Back in Tennessee for Christmas
Hugh's new tricycle

Mother and daughter

Playing with Grandmama

Aunt Rebekah wants to get a cute baby in her stocking!

Mama Flo and Hugh playing trains

Celebrating Christmas in Texas

The kids loved passing out gifts!

I can't look at her without smiling! (And yes, the cat likes her!)

Mallett cousins in town!

Cute little teeth!

The girls helping us move into our new house

My sweet little nephews

Practicing to be daddies some day :)

We had 8 calves born within 2 weeks! 

They are so cute!

My cowboy <3

A couple of our nieces enjoying a new calf

And the calves aren't the only new babies in town! 

Here's darling baby James, our 6th nephew, born the beginning of January

And beautiful little Trinity, our 8th niece, just born last week

Sarah and I milked this cow for a few weeks

Having so much extra milk was lovely! I made ice cream, pudding, and lots of yogurt!

Look at that cream on top!!

A few more pictures of baby James :)

I love to watch him sleep

Some of the Campbell V. F. D. at the First Responders Banquet

My favorite First Responder <3

We got this cute fire engine for a door prize!

Moving the cows to fresh pastures

3 little cuties (some of our nieces) watching the cows

Baby sitting nieces

Baby Bunny's room is big enough for lots of kids and toys!

Just like mommy! :)

These two.... <3   So happy they are together!!!!

I like this picture best :)

Cookout at our house for the fire department and their families...and a few extras :)

So many little ones! :)

It was such a fun evening!

Someone didn't get a chance to sign our wall decor at our reception :)

Superbowl Party!

Someone brought sunglasses!!

James gets passed around a lot :)

And last of all, here's a picture Mr. Coleman took of us a few weeks ago :)