Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pictures from our week

Our internet service was out for several days which is why we have not posted anything for awhile. Here are some photos from the past week and a half. David's 15th Birthday
When we asked David what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he told us that he didn't care as long as it had candy on it! So....this is what he got. Seedlings are beginning to come up all over our garden. Last week David killed a copperhead at our grandparents' and brought it home to Deborah.Deborah thought the snake was beautiful and decided to skin it!The snake's skin has now been cured and is on display in Deborah's museum.Every spring a cliff swallow builds a nest in the culvert under Pickett Road.Fishing at our neighbors' pondStuart swimming in the pond!Early this week we had a late frost. We already had a lot of crops planted so we had to cover everything. We finally found enough buckets and boxes to cover over 100 tomato plants. If you had driven by our fields that day you would have seen an unusual "crop" of buckets growing in the field! We are grateful that it was a light frost, and we did not lose any plants!
On Thursday we finished planting most of our crops.

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