Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sound Of Music

Here are some more pictures from our Sound Of Music practices.
Some of the brass players

David is helping with the percussionThis is Dr. Pitts, the percussionist! :)The orchestra needed a tuba player, so Jonathan is borrowing one from the high school These pictures were taken at our first practice with the cast. The orchestra "pit" is the balcony behind the stage. At the first dress rehearsal it cooled off to 85 degrees up in the balcony after the fans had been running for 5 hours! Mr. Gardner is a wonderful conductor!Fran, the baritone player -- and the one who took a lot of these pictures! The dress rehearsals are VERY long...everyone gets exhausted!

If we look over the balcony we can see some of the actors! Gretl, Kurt and Liesl getting ready for the next scene. Liesl and Rolf Maria and the children Max and the children After running through the play everyone gathered in the theatre for instructions.


  1. Oh, what fun that looks like! (and work!! poor dears!) I so wish I could come see it and hear it! Is that Amanda in the red shirt and jumper? I like her hair like that!! Love you all!!

  2. Yes, that's Amanda. Wish you could be here, too! You and James could join the string section! Deborah is playing the first violin part all by herself.