Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas at Mama Flo's

We celebrated Christmas with Daddy's side of the family on Monday. Five of the relatives had to work and 3 were too sick to come, so we had a small family gathering this Christmas. :(
Some of us went over a few days earlier to help Mama Flo with all the baking. We made Milky Way cake, peanut brittle, haystacks, rocky road, chex mix, banana split pie, fruit cake, Butterfinger cake, and fudge.
Haystacks - a family favorite.
Chex Mix
Sarah and Emily making Banana Split Pie
Butterfinger cake
Rebekah and Mama Flo making peanut brittle
It turned out just right....YUM!
King wishing he could come inside (The things in his ears are temporary - to help them stand up)
This is the "King proof" Christmas tree...
...We had to put it upstairs so that King couldn't get to it -he is afraid of the stairs.
Uncle Phil brought this sign for Mama Flo. It says "I can make it to the fence in 2.8 seconds - Can you?"
The boys playing pool
Time to open gifts! (They had be brought downstairs first.)
We all enjoyed watching Allie open her presents. It's fun to have little ones around!
Cousin Amy and Daddy opening their gifts
Amanda really likes John Deere.
Mama Flo and Uncle Phil watching Allie
Rebekah reading Allie the book But No Elephants (Allie LOVES elephants)
Sarah and Jonathan setting up one of Allie's gifts...
...a ladybug tent!
Jonathan, Mama Flo, and Emily
Allie said she wanted an elephant for Christmas......she got a lot more than one. She brought five of them with her....and received three more at Mama Flo's!


  1. I love reading your blog posts. Is King a Doberman or a Great Dane?


  2. Hi, Katherine! King is a Doberman. He is about 7 months old, and he is very fast and strong. :) We enjoy your family's blog a lot also. It is fun to see the pictures of what you have been doing.

  3. that's one big dog! I love the sign! :)
    I used to read "But No Elephants" to my kids when they were little...brought back memories seeing it in your post!

    Looks like ya'll cooked up a storm--yum!