Saturday, February 13, 2010

What We Are Up To

We haven't been posting many pictures of people lately, so this week we decided to take some random shots of the everyday things we do.
Amanda practicing harp
Melissa working with an art student
Jonathan studying his law course
Anna practicing a duet with a student
Emily tracing a pattern
Sarah and one of her students
Deborah baking bread
Rebekah and one of her reading studentsDavid cutting down tree branches after last week's ice stormJamming together Amanda teaching piano Rebekah crocheting an afghan Mama giving David a haircutDeborah and Sarah
Emily teaching one of her violin students
Anna writing an email :)
Amanda working with one of her students
Daddy and David practicing together
Amanda studying
Melissa starting some seeds


  1. Funny- that one photo looks a lot like all of my recent photos... ;D

  2. loved all the new posts!!

    now WHO could Anna be writing to???! ;) ;) ;)

  3. somehow these pictures make me really miss you! Mrs. Bee - lonely for Tennessee - we at least should see you for an overnight on the way to Kayleen's wedding (April 24th)...if you have room and are there! (or on the way home)- oh, tell Anna she has the correct email for me..I can't geton my email as something is amuck, but Eric will fix it this week - it is his server.