Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year Mama Flo, Uncle Jennings, Aunt Susan, and cousins, Kelly & Livy, came over on Christmas Eve. We all enjoyed watching Livy open Christmas presents!
Aunt Susan, Uncle Jennings, Livy, and Daddy
Kelly and Jonathan
Showing her puzzle to "Uncle Doug"
"A baby!"
Laughing at a little outfit for Livy's doll
Livy loves to climb on David!
She knows how to operate an i-pod better than most of us!
Emily made a teddy for Livy and matching pajamas for them to wear.
They were so cute!
Here is a taste of what Christmas day is like at the Smith house.


  1. Well, mrs. Tiggywinkle...this made me cry my eyes out!! Happy New Year from Mrs. Beeman to all the Smiths (and smith-corbetts)!!

  2. Hello! Arthur and I are going to be in your area, Pickwick State Park next week. We have a few free hours. Is there anything in that area of Tennessee that you think is a "gotta see" type place?

  3. Hello, Mrs. K.
    If you'll send us your email address we'll get back to you about the area. We'd love to meet you while you're here! (