Friday, June 3, 2011

Time with Family

Last Monday we went to Uncle Jennings and Aunt Susan's house for a cookout with Mama's side of the family.
Our cousin Valerie, her husband Sonnie, and their precious son Townsend were visiting from California. Everyone loved meeting little Townsend!
Tyler and Livy help Townsend down the step
Livy LOVED baby Townsend! did the rest of us!! :)
Livy, Tyler, Townsend, and Noelle - We have the cutest cousins!!
Tyler and Will love to be with our boys!
Sonnie, Aunt Babette, Daddy, and Uncle Jennings
Townsend thought untying Noelle's bow was a great game. :)
Visiting Aunt Susan's horses
Noelle and Aunt Susan
Townsend and Emily
David likes to ride these horses!
Townsend and Livy in the barn
Aunt Babette and her precious grandson
Sarah and Townsend on the way back to the house
Daddy cooking hamburgers
Time to eat!
Will trying to decide if he wants to go higher
Blowing bubbles!
Aunt Babette and Amanda visiting
Anna and Steven (and Eva too!)
Daddy and Michael - ready for some dessert!
Tiffany and Keith, Uncle Jennings, Melissa, and Mama
Will earning his ice cream
Livy loves ice cream!
A storm is about to hit.
I thought this picture was funny!
Everyone is rushing around moving things before they get wet.
Taking shelter under the deck
Keith, Will, Tyler, Jonathan, Steven, David, Daddy, and Sonnie
Emily, Misty, Klint, Mallory, Uncle Jennings, and Livy
Noelle making a phone call
Anna and Valerie
The kids has so much fun standing on the very edge of the carport so the rain could still get them wet. They got soaked! After this picture was taken Livy lay down on the edge of the carport and washed her hair under the gutters! :)
Tyler and wet little Townsend
Livy brushing Townsend's hair after their baths
Townsend was so sweet telling us all goodbye!
Blowing kisses
Townsend and his mommy
We had such a wonderful evening!
Thanks for hosting the get-together, Uncle Jennings and Aunt Susan!

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