Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play day!

Livy got to have some friends over to play "kitchen" with her yesterday!
Bethany is making chocolate milk.
Livy puts mustard on her baby's hot dog
 More friends arrive!
Patrick and Nicolas are such sweet friends!
 Livy LOVES baby Emma!

 Sometimes it's fun to make a BIG mess!
 Livy and Bethany visit the chickens
Everyone enjoys the slide!
 Amanda and Emma find some shade.
 "Mommy, can I take this off now?"
 Peek-a-boo, Bethany!
 I love this expression!
 Emma is a precious baby!
Livy is so happy!
 Bethany is happy, too!
 "Look at my mantis!"
 Five Friends


  1. awwww!!!! there are sooooo many cute pictures in this post!!! (although the one of Amanda and Emma I think is my favorite! ;)
    I am so tickled for y'all that you get to spend all this time with the Gallaghers!!!!! now I think a visit up to TN is in order..... :D