Friday, September 16, 2011

Field Trip!!

This morning these little friends of ours went on a field trip to the Fire/Police station where our friend Chris works.
We had fun watching them have fun! :)
L-R (back row) Mr. Daniel, Emma, Houston, Benny, Nicholas, Will, and Mr. Chris
(front row) Patrick, Nicolas, Olivia, Bethany, and Clara
Emma's ready to get started!
So are Nicolas and Livy!
Aww! Such a sweet baby!
Mr. Daniel showed all his gear to the children.
Some of the little ones weren't too sure about this mask!
"Hmmm....I'm glad I've got a hand to hold onto!"
Houston and Patrick feeling how heavy the oxygen tank is
Mr. Daniel
Nicholas is the only one brave enough to try out the hat....
...and the hose!
Nicolas, Bethany, and Livy inside the rescue truck!
Livy thought this window was so neat!
Will leaving the rescue truck
"It sure is fun in here!"
"I don't want it to be time to get out!"
Chris and Daniel demonstrate how the neck brace works
Everyone is enjoying the demonstration!
Even Nicholas!
Patrick and Livy in front of an old fire truck
Livy's in jail!...
...and she doesn't seem to mind it, either!
Will and Benny aren't sure they want to get inside!
Livy decides to try out the bed...which Nicolas finds quite funny!
"Nope!  I'm NOT going in there!"  (Actually, he was making faces at the baby.)
"Ummm....Mr. Chris??...Is that thing loaded??"
In the patrol car!
Will's having fun!

 Nicolas gets a turn to drive...
 ...and Livy...
...and Bethany.

Chris telling the children about his job
 Chris with his daughter, Clara, and Livy and Patrick
 Chris and Clara
A group picture
A closer look
We are so grateful to Chris and Daniel for all the time they put into this field trip, and to the Police Chief, who allowed the children to come to the station!  Thank you all SO much!!

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