Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hay Ride!

A few weeks ago our neighbors, the Cullifers, invited us over for a hay ride!
 Friends from church, Mike and Samuel...
 ...and the Gallaghers came along.
 Rebekah and Nicolas
Headed down our farm road 
Cotton fields
 Amanda and Emma
 Emily and Patrick
 Sarah and Ella
 Patrick and Deborah
 Samuel and Mike
Everyone had a lot of fun!

 At the Cullifers' house after the hayride, roasting marshmallows.
 Mrs. Cullifer
David and James
 Patrick wearing Aunt Deborah's sweatshirt :)
 Playing games with the children
 Ella and her "Pawpaw", Mr. Cullifer


  1. I didn't realize y'all have cotton fields! I love to see them!! They're soooo beautiful!!
    I always enjoy your posts!

    Thanks for sharing,