Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Sarah and David removed a bee hive from a tree on some of our friends' farm!

Opening the box a week later for a look inside the hive
It doesn't look like a lot of bees until you start pulling out each frame.
The outer frames are not as full as the inner ones yet.
Sarah and David
Inspecting the bees
You can click on these next few pictures to view them larger.

More inspecting!
These bees are carrying a lot of pollen!  Click on the picture to view it larger.
The hive is buzzing after being disturbed!
SO MANY bees!
These bees are working on new comb
Here's what that comb looked like a few days ago!
Larve and bees that are ready to hatch!
The littlest bee keeper - and yes, she put on shoes before she went to see the bees!
We can't wait until we start getting honey!!!


  1. Very interesting! Something I've always thought would be nice to do but will have to leave it to others!

  2. Soooo interesting!
    We helped a bee just last seemed to be very low in energy, so we gave it sugar water, and took pictures of it. Will post soon.
    What an amazing insect to watch!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is really fascinating. I like seeing the pictures at this distance, though!