Monday, July 23, 2012

Hope's Baby Shower

Last week we had a baby shower for Hope and Baby William.

Deborah made this cute fruit basket...

...and Melissa made the cakes.

William's Mommy

The adorable big sister

Cute little girlies

As one of the activities, the guests decorated bibs for William.

I loved Emma's bib for her baby brother!

More bibs

Eva and Laura

Trying to guess which baby item is inside the bag

Hope opens the bags

For another game we passed around a page of baby pictures and gave each guest 90 seconds to guess which pictures were the baby's daddy, mommy, and three older siblings.

Here is the picture.  If you know the Gallaghers, and want to try to identify them, leave us a comment with your guess!  (The other 4 pictures are random babies from Google.)

Opening the gifts

Emma is getting sleepy!  (It was her nap time.)

Emma enjoyed showing off William's gifts.

Her favorite was the pacifier...

...even though she already had two of her own!

Congratulations to all the Gallaghers - we can hardly wait to meet your little William!


  1. Oh, it looks like so much fun! We have a lot of baby showers in our church so I'm curious, how did you make your blue punch? Always looking for ideas and I like the game as well. Also, congratulations on the announcement!!

  2. The punch is (roughly) 2 parts blue Hawaiian Punch to 1 part Sprite, then a few scoops of vanilla ice cream added just before serving.