Monday, August 13, 2012


On Thursday night Livy and I enjoyed going with friends to Shiloh Park for their reptile program.

Of course all Livy was interested in was holding the corn snake!

 She carefully inspected him.

Samuel gets a turn!

And Edyn...
...and Kyra

Patrick can hardly wait for his turn!


Seth decides he is brave enough to touch it.

Nicolas says, "No thank you!"

Brenna's turn, and even baby Emma gets to pet the snake!

Now Seth decides he will hold the snake.

Livy asked for another turn! :)

This turtle kept trying to walk off the table during the presentation!

Our kiddos - Seth, Samuel, Emma, Kyra, Patrick, Brenna, Nicolas, Edyn, and Livy
Many thanks to Hope for the use of her camera! (I didn't take one with me!)

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