Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Fun Visit!

We had a wonderful visit last month with these 4 precious children and their parents!

The Gallaghers and Livy joined us for a cookout one evening.

It's fun to have so many little ones around!!

Enjoying the swing set

Visiting the turkeys

Daddy and James cooking hot dogs

Hungry little munchkins waiting patiently for their supper!

I think she was getting tired of waiting! :)

Patrick helping to roast the hot dogs

Marshmallow time!

Look at Nicolas' cheeks stuffed with marshmallows!


Such a sweet baby!

When it got too dark outside, the fun moved inside!

Emma gives a concert!


James, Jordan, and Melissa played music together...

...while the children listened.

One week later our friends stopped by again on their way home from vacation.  This time the grandparents were with them!  We had such a fun time with them!

Enjoying ice cream!

Jordan and James entertained the children (and adults!) with a story. 

It WAS very funny!

Mama visiting with our friends

Writing notes with Livy the next morning

Getting a ride from his Papa

One last picture before we say goodbye!  We loved having these folks in our home!!

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