Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Livy!

Livy's party invitation - Emily made the adorable costumes!

Last year Livy decorated party hats for her guests.  She wanted to do that again this year!

The Birthday Girl

Emily made this birthday outfit for Livy.

 Guests arrive for the party

Dinner time!
Emma Grace, Emma Bliss, Hope, and Nicolas

Haven's excited!

 So is Noelle!

Time for games! 

This game was like Duck, Duck, Goose, except that instead of tagging the one who was "it" you had to grab the tail clothes-pinned to their shirt and pull it off!

The children really enjoyed this game!

 Can you guess which animal is which child? :)

Here's a closer look - Noelle and Livy

Patrick, Haven, Nicolas, and William

For this game each child had to reach into the bag and find the animal that matched the costume they were wearing.

Haven feels for the bear...

...and is very happy to find it!!

This cute little doggy is waiting for his turn.

For our last game the children had to crawl to the kitchen, eat an animal cracker without using their hands, chew it up, swallow it, then crawl back and tag the next child in line.

 Haven the Bear

Gracen the Tiger

Dino and Dog waiting in line

Nicolas the Dog

Livy the Zebra

Patrick the Dino trying to lick up his animal cracker :)

Will making an alligator face

Nicolas and Noelle are ready for cake!

 Livy's daddy made her just what she wanted - a snake cake!

"Happy Birthday to Livy!"

 Blowing out 5 candles!

 Opening presents

Reading a birthday card

Livy had lots of "help" opening her presents! :) She didn't mind at all!

Mawmaw got Livy some new earrings!

How many people does it take to get them in?? :)

Livy finds a good spot to take a rest - in her Daddy and Mrs. Chasity's laps

Time for some music!
Gunner and Livy 

 Livy's daddy got her this violin for Christmas.
Livy is playing a song for her friends.

Playing a duet with Mr. James

Gunner trying the violin

Patrick's turn

Happy Birthday, dear Livy!
We love you so much and are very blessed to have you in our home!!

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