Monday, February 17, 2014

Time With Friends

Our house has been full of friends the past few weeks with so many in town for Melissa and Ross' wedding.

We were so happy that our friends, the David Smiths, were able to come down from Chicago!
Jared, David, and Tim playing Pool at Mama Flo's house

Brittany and Amanda

Abigail and Sarah

Anna and Kristina

Sarah took this picture a few weeks ago of Rebekah, Amanda, Justin, and me.
I thought the angle looked really neat!

 Rebekah P. and Hudson

"What's under here?" 

"Hello, Hudson!  Would you like to come inside our tent?"

Tony, Rebekah, and Abram

Tuesday night these 9 adorable children had a pajama party at our house!

Anna and Sarah H.

Aunt Amanda reading to Eva

Unfortunately several of us got very sick last week with fevers and a stomach bug.
Sick babies look so pitiful!

Tony and Eva stayed wrapped up in their blankets most of the day.

Eva's cheeks were SO red with fever!

Snuggled up watching movies

Hudson is feeling great! 

"Do you like my tongue?"

This week we had a wonderful visit with our friends, the Palmers.  Bro. Palmer preached in meetings at our church, and Mrs. Palmer spoke to the ladies one evening.

We did a quick photo shoot with them for their new prayer card.

Cooks in the kitchen

Emily making cookies

Mrs. Palmer and Amanda making Taco Dip
 We don't have very many pictures of the Palmers visit because a lot of us were sick. :(

Here's Tony, feeling a little better.


Abram breaking out of the block tower.
Watch out for that yellow block, Eva!!

Yes, it hit her right in the face!

Hudson thinks something is very funny!

What is he laughing at?

He is laughing at silly Aunt Deborah, who is letting him sit on her head!

Justin wears a lego hat

Every time I turned around Tony and Eva were hugging!

They had so much fun together

Sometimes the hugs got a little rough and Eva ended up on the floor! :)
Tony says "help you?"

Justin took this picture of Daddy...

...and this one of Melissa making Poppie People

Eva and Tony give a concert

Hudson doesn't want to be left out!

His little chubby hand on the keys is so cute! 

Smiley Eva

What a face, Hudson!

Tony and Eva watch Amanda go out to feed the animals
Somebody called them and they both turned around :)

Another hug

"Papa bear", "Mama bear", and "Baby bear" in their cave

"Come back, baby bear!" 

Papa bear caught some imaginary fish for his family... 

...then climbed up a "tree" to eat.

Sweet little "mama bear" 

It is so fun to have lots of kids in the house!  Today our house is painfully quiet. There are no children here for the first time in several weeks. :(  We are so thankful that we got to have Eva and Hudson here for 2 1/2 weeks!!

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