Monday, April 28, 2014

Trip to MD - Part 2

Friday afternoon several of us took a long hike around the area.

In the next 2 pictures you can see the Potomac River, and across the river, West Virginia.

We went exploring inside this old cave in the side of the mountain.

The camera flash makes it look light in there, but it was really pitch black!

A bat on the cave wall

Sam, Jonathan, David, Rachel, Anna, and Hudson

Some parts of the cave are really short.

Another look at the Potomac

David, Sarah, Hudson, Anna, and Jonathan

There is a nice paved walking/biking trail that follows the old railroad around the mountains.

We visited an old dam along the trail.

Jon and Hudson 

Rachel and David

The Potomac River

It's a lot farther down than it looks in the picture!

From the wall looking down...

...and from the ground looking up

Skipping rocks

 Cute little Hudson

Isn't he adorable in that hat?


Along the Rail Trail...

...watching David climb

I thought it was interesting how the mountainside changes from rocks to soil, and back to rocks.

There are a lot of neat, old, abandoned homes all around the area.

They look like they would have so much history behind them!

The drive home was so pretty with all the redbuds blooming along the way.

We stopped briefly at Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville on our way home.  It is such a neat store - I could spend days in there!  We were too busy looking around to take many pictures, though.  :)

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