Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mama Flo's 90th Birthday Party

Mama Flo had her 90th birthday a few weeks ago.  We are so grateful for our wonderful grandmother!

The entire family, with the exception of one cousin who couldn't get off work, came in for the day.  We all enjoyed spending this special day with Mama Flo and our family.  We missed our cousin, Jeremy, but we are thankful for him and all the other police officers who risk their lives for our safety each day!

Visiting and spending time with our relatives

The little cousins enjoyed playing together


The pool table has always been a favorite play-place for the grandchildren, and now the great-grandchildren.


It was fun to have so many little ones!

We took advantage of having everyone together, and took a lot of group pictures.

The great-grandchildren:  Hudson, Eva, Allie, and Carlynn

Hudson didn't want to sit in one place

The little girls

We thought it was fun that several people unintentionally ended up matching Mama Flo!

Mama Flo and her sons

The sons and daughters-in-law

I love Hudson's face in this one!

The Corbetts - aren't they cute?!

 The children enjoyed Allie's dog

Melissa putting the finishing touches on the cake

She did an amazing job on the cake!

The little girls enjoyed helping Mama Flo open her gifts.

It was a beautiful day, so we all spent a lot of time outside.


Allie and Hudson

Some of the guys tried to have a game of football...

...but someone kept stealing the ball!

Mama Flo had to have some dead trees cut down last year.  All of the little ones enjoyed climbing on the stumps.


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