Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hugh Ambrose Moore

Melissa and Ross' baby boy is finally here!

We all think he's the cutest little thing in the world!!
Little Hugh was born December 2, 2014

8lbs. 12oz, and 20.5in. 

Hugh meets his great-grandmother, Mama Flo

And another great-grandmother, Mama Joyce, and Grandpa Moore

I think Hugh had a few hundred pictures taken of him during his first couple hours! :)

Ross and his son

Isn't he beautiful?

Ross' parents

Grandmama and Hugh

"Hello, Grandmama! It's nice to meet you!" 

With Grandmother Moore

Aunt Emily 

I love his smile in this picture!

Hugh is Mama Flo's 5th great-grandbaby!

Papa and Hugh

 Mama Joyce

Aunt Katie, Ross' sister

Hugh's evening visitors waiting outside the door

Our cousins, Allie, Lori, and Amy 

Huge has a lot of adoring Aunties! 

Aunt Rebekah

Cousin Lori

Aunt Sarah

Mama Flo's oldest and youngest great-grandbabies

Amy and Allie admiring the cutie

Great-Uncle Larry

Aunt Rachel


Uncle David

Aunt Amanda 

That's all for now....but I'm sure we'll have many more to come! :)

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