Sunday, March 29, 2015

Maryland Trip Part 2

On Saturday morning we took a walk over to the cave

I love all the neat rocks!

The cave

From the entrance of the cave you can see across the river into West Virginia.
(The mountain you see in this picture is one we are climbing in the next post.)
Hudson fell and got hurt so Anna had to take him back to the house to get cleaned up.
The rest of us spent some time at the cave and at the old dam.

Hannah, Eva and I at the entrance of the cave

Daniel and Sarah, Eva and Hannah

Inside the cave

We discovered several bats

Eva thought the bats were neat!

Group selfie!

Hannah at one of the old locks for the dam

Hannah on the partially-frozen Potomac

Everything was so beautiful!


We were taking a lot of pictures while we were waiting for Anna to get back.

Just so I can say I've sat on the Potomac River! :)

Eva and Sarah having fun

Girl picture

Amazing rock formations.
I'm assuming these rocks were laid down this way during the flood.

Being silly

The icicles were huge!

After our long hike Grandpa and Grandma Corbett invited us all to their house for lunch. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from our time at their house.

After lunch Grandpa Corbett took us all to the Hancock Museum

Hudson loves the railroad sign with the flashing lights! 

Grandpa Corbett and Hudson

Hancock Flood 1936

I thought this Telegraph Machine was interesting. There are still a lot of old telegraph lines going through Nanny's farm.

Hudson and his Mommy

I thought these old calenders were so sweet!

This was a REAL miniature horse that had been stuffed and made into a rocking horse! 

 These beautiful pheasants were along the side of the road.
Grandpa Corbett stopped the car so we could get pictures.

We were all tired out after a busy day!
Eva finds herself a nice pillow :)

Fun times with Sarah and Hannah

Playing basketball

Reading books

We all had a wonderful day!


Hudson and Eva showing off their funny face pictures

After church on Sunday we took the Hales up to the overlook,

That's the Potomac River on the left.  The land to the right of the river is Nanny's farm.

This picture was taken in West Virginia, looking down into Maryland.
The white building is Nanny's barn, and the house is to the right of the barn (partially behind a tree).

 Steven, Anna, Eva, and Hudson with their home in the background

 All of us minus Steven, who took the picture

Back at Nanny's house


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