Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Zoo Day

Every spring we enjoy a day at the Memphis Zoo with a group of friends.

Waiting at the zoo entrance for everyone to arrive.

Cute Enoch

 Amanda and Tony watch a monkey

Feeding the giraffes is always a fun experience.

I love seeing them this close-up!



Deborah and one of the little guys who is living with us.



Tony and his daddy

Nicolas and Emma

The G. kiddos

Waiting for their turn on the camel

Aunt Deborah rode with the little G's


Our Aunt Babette joined us for the day - it was so fun to spend time with her!

The petting zoo is always a favorite of the little ones.

I love to watch the penguins - I've always thought it would be neat to have one (or more) for a pet!

We got to watch this snake being fed a mouse.

This fella played "stare down" with some of the kids.

One of the little boys was very anxious to see "the big, bad wolf"...

...unfortunately, this sleepy guy didn't meet his expectations.  :)

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