Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wedding Week: Monday

Katherine's solemn face

Katherine helps Aunt Deborah make trail mix for the reception.

Playing with the babies in "the pen".  Each time someone new arrives, Hugh tells him "come on", and runs to the pen full of toys.

Deborah, Rachel, Hugh, and Katherine

Mr. Adorable 

Hugh's attempt at a selfie.  :)  He put the phone up to his face, smiled, and said "cheese".

Somebody across the room called the phone he was holding, and they carried on a conversation with each other.

Aunt Sarah and Hugh, waiting outside for Anna and Steven to arrive

And they're here!

They were quickly invited to come play with Hugh.

Cousin kisses


...and playing together


Many hands make light work.  De-boning chickens for the after party

Texting someone... :)

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