Friday, December 16, 2016

TX Trip - Sunday - The Reception

Getting the tablecloths and decorations on the tables

Kyle was a lot of help.

Mrs. Hale gets the food tents ready.

Elizabeth and Rebekah set up the drink table

Visiting with Mrs. Hutchins

Signing the "guestbook"

These letters served as a guestbook for the wedding and reception.  They will hang on the wall of D&D's house.

It was nice to see so many of our Texas friends at the reception!

Elizabeth, Mrs. Zimcosky, and Mama

Sack races


Rachel, Amanda, Grace, and Esther

Mrs. Witvoet and Emily

Mr. Hale and Daddy welcome everyone

Deborah and Ruth


D&D with the Beemans

The ice cream line

Natalie, Mercy, and Alaina

Deborah, Mr. McKee, and Adrienne 

Sitting around the bonfire

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