Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day!

Baking Valentine goodies for students was a little different this year,
since there are just two of us teachers now (and so many fewer students)

Here are our ~50 cookies

Most of them were personalized with the students' names
(can't Sarah write beautiful fonts? That is not easy to do with icing!)

...and the 8 extras, just decorated to look cute and festive

Here is our fancy-cookie process...
One pan, ready to bake...

(not pictured: the icing/personalizing)

...and here are a few of them, ready a last!
It was fun to see the counter covered with festive cookies!

Then came the packaging!

Sarah cuts the labels...
(there was a picture of me, folding and stapling them, but I just
deleted it because it because it looked awful!)  

...and here is the finished product!

And, of course, the best part of all was...
 ...the PRECIOUS smiles of the kids who received them!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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