Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring in Tennessee

We had an early spring this year.  The strawberries and cherries bloomed in February. 

The bees started building up early, too...queen cells in February!

Taking a walk in our of the prettiest and most peaceful places in the world!

Then, a few weeks later we had snow!

Meanwhile, in Texas... (Deborah sent this picture the same day we had snow) 

 Later in March, the bees are swarming - a month earlier than normal.

I thought this swarm looked like a sloth hanging from the tree.  :)

Three days later, the swarm is busily building comb in their new hive...

...and swarm traps are hanging up around the field.

Busy bees bringing in pollen

Another swarm we caught at some friends' home this weekend.

Now it's green in Tennessee, too!

The strawberries are growing...

...and the blueberries are blooming, which makes the bees and butterflies happy.

Amanda brought us some extra tomato and squash seedlings she had.

Our herb bed needed some attention

Potting extra plants to share with friends

The (almost) finished herb bed

And today...

...the first ripe strawberries!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! It's gotten so much greener since we were there.