Sunday, August 20, 2017

Visiting Deborah and Daniel

Mama and I spent a few weeks in Texas with D&D earlier this month awaiting Caitlyn's arrival.

Packing chicks from Daniel's hatchery the first morning

 Thousands of newly-hatched chicks

Eight days before Caitlyn was born

These cuties came over to play one morning.

Reading with Corrie

James is such a smiley baby!

Going through Caitlyn's clothes

Here's a panoramic view of Caitlyn's room.

We babysat Trinity a couple times while we were there.

The Hales have a couple pear trees that were loaded with fruit, so we spent a couple days canning pears and making pear sauce.

 Saturday evening family dinner at the Hales'

It's fun to watch all the little cousins together!

We got 7 inches of rain one night.  This is what we awoke to the next morning!

The same morning, there was a house fire that Daniel and several of the other firefighters on 
his department fought for a few hours in the downpour.  Some of us went to the station to 
make breakfast for them on their return.  Emma helped by mixing up the pancakes.

Coming soon...

more pictures of the best part of the trip - Caitlyn! :)

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