Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Whirlwind Trip

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon (April 13-15) we had 
a last-minute opportunity to meet with family down in Texas for a quick
weekend of camping.  

Only 12 of the 21 of us were able to make it, but our time together was TERRIFIC,
 even though it was short.

Here are two of the ones who made this weekend unforgettable

The campground was on Lake Tawakoni, and was lovely!

Here Eva and Hudson enjoy the lake with Uncle Jonathan

- I loved this! -
Hudson found pieces of bark and named one after each of us. Then he carefully placed each of "us" in the water to see if "we" could make it across.  "Can you make it to Asia?" he would ask.
The Tx. wind was ferocious and the waves huge, and each one of "us" either promptly sank, or came rushing back to Hudson!  He had a great time with this, and we all had fun watching!

Three of our Precious Monkeys!

-Caitlyn, 8 months
-Eva, 6 years       
 -Hudson, 5 years 

Here is our whole camping crew (minus Sarah, who took the photo) packed into Steven and Anna's camper.
No, we didn't all sleep in here, but when darkness ended our outdoor activities, it was a cozy place filled with good company! 

I am going to post a few pictures of some of the activities we enjoyed during the days... 

Long walks/
bike rides...
(this picture is a memory for those of us who were there 😉) 

Flying Kites...

gifts from Papa, Grandmama, aunts and uncles...

Blowing bubbles...

Setting up additional sleeping quarters...

...and lovin' on the baby!


Our Beautiful Baby Girl!

The kids made a zoo for us to visit
(the best zoo with the cutest animals I'd ever seen!)

The monkeys...


and I think these adorable creatures were kangaroos

The campground had a nice putt-putt course

Jonathan and Eva, back in the camper after a busy day

Here are the Stars of our trip!

And...we actually got a group picture with all 12 of us in it! 😄

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