Saturday, May 26, 2018

Shiloh 4-miler

A race this year with dry, warm weather!!

It was muggy (100% humidity that day) but it was such fun to be running 
with Amy and Hugh that I didn't even think about the weather!

Daniel came up from Texas to join us for this race, and the minute the horn blew,
he was off and out of sight!
You can see him in the picture.  
He's closer to the right side, dressed in burgundy shorts and a cammo shirt 

Amy, Hugh, and I came along slowly behind Daniel, enjoying the scenery,
the drier, warmer weather, and most of all, each other's company! 

Although I don't have pictures of most of them, we had a huge crowd of cheerleaders with us that day!
They came down from Camden and Paris, Tn, and a group came up from Texas!

Here are our oldest and youngest cheerleaders. :)
(Aren't they adorable!😀)
-Mama Flo is AMAZING!!!  At 93 years of age, she chose to accompany her
family to Shiloh again, to cheer on her racing grandchildren!

Or...come to think of it, maybe she came to enjoy her great-grandbabies???

Here is Allie (Amy's little girl) with Caitlyn, relaxing while
they wait near the finish line

And Deborah with Caitlyn and Allie, in the old Shiloh Church

Our precious Caitlyn!

Though there was no picture of him at the beginning, faithful Jay
was there, wheeling himself again, and finishing before all of the runners!

Here is Daniel's fabulous finish!

Katherine was great!
Our loudest cheerleader of all, she blew this horn loudly when any of
"her" group  crossed the finish line!

When Amy and I got within sight of the the finish line,
 she told me to run on ahead... I did, 😉 and Hugh and I crossed the finish line...

...followed shortly by Amy!

Sorry no pictures of the award ceremony...
...but here is a picture of the 1st place finisher's medal
Daniel received!!!


And, though Amy and I came nowhere near placing,
we had a terrific time together, and with our precious Hugh-boy!

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