Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catering a Wedding

Ingredients for the deli spirals
Melissa and Sarah trimming the tortillas into squares
Our assembly line...David took this picture from up on the counter!
Sarah prepares to make sausage balls.Amanda mixes up vegetable dip, while Melissa cuts the bread for the sandwiches. Rebekah, Emily and Deborah slice vegetables, and Sarah mixes the sausage ball dough.
Here's a closer look at Sarah mixing up the dough. It took forever to get it all mixed up!
When it was finished it weighed 23 lbs!Jonathan and Daddy making sandwiches.Saturday afternoon at the Church
Amanda pours the nuts
Mama washes the serving trays
Deborah cuts deli spirals
Melissa garnishes the cheese ballsJonathan, David, and Mama mix the punch
Amanda and Rebekah prepare the popcorn chicken Putting sauce on the sandwiches
Emily lays out the napkins around the cakeSarah and Rebekah roll sausage ballsWe loved the ovens at the church! One of them had 5 racks that could hold 2 baking sheets each!
These sandwiches are sitting above the ovens on warming racks just before being served.
Just before the reception started we realized that the decorators had left without lighting the candles on the serving table. We didn't have any matches, so David got tooth picks, lit them from the candles near the wall, and used them to light the other candles. :)
One of the serving tables
Filling punch cups
Melissa and Amanda cutting the cake (We didn't make it!)


  1. Wow! Too bad you don't live closer to us!!

  2. ohh! is this a new business? was it a friends wedding? It all looks so lovely and so yummy!! and I bet that NONE of the bread had a shred of mold on it, lol :) HAHAHA!

  3. Wow, some real team work there! You did a wonderful job!

    Was this for a friend? Or is this a family business?

  4. This was our first time to cater a wedding, so it isn't our family business, at least not yet. :) We didn't know the bride and groom.