Saturday, April 24, 2010

Misc. Pictures

After several weeks of dry weather, we finally got some rain...lots of it!
Though very wet, our crops were not badly damaged.
Seeds washed out of the rows
Corn plants coming up
A drowned tomato plant stuck in the mud
The dry strip of ground surrounded by water is the only place in this side of the field where we had seeds planted. I thought it was amazing how everything else was flooded, but not our seeds! The morning after the storm there were 2 Canadian Geese swimming in this field. :)
A snail :)
Our Azaleas are blooming!
They are so beautiful!
The view of the house from the woods.
Strawberry blossoms
We did a photo shoot with some friends of ours at this farm in Michie last week. The setting was beautiful!
This calf had just been born. Isn't he cute?

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  1. Aww... the photos of the calf are so neat! Both perfect shots!