Friday, April 16, 2010

Planting our Fields

Preparing the soil
Melissa and Amanda working in the herb bed
Deborah planting tomatoes
More tomato plants
Our strawberry field
Some of the radishes we planted last month
Anna covering seeds
Emily planting corn
Jonathan and David spreading fertilizer
Melissa watering her flower garden


  1. Oooh! Covering seeds looks like fun!

  2. You all sure have been busy! It is too cold here yet to plant too much.
    We have lettuce, peas and potatoes in.
    (A lot smaller plot though!) LOL

  3. I have a question that may seem kinda dumb but I'd love to learn. How did you do the pages under the ABOUT colomn of each of you? Can't wait to get in our garden!

  4. Krahns,

    We did the "about us" pages the same way you do a normal post, only under "post options" at the bottom of the page we changed the date of the post to make them the oldest posts on our blog. After you post each page you can copy the link and insert it in a link list on your side bar. (In order to get the pages to link you will need to "enable post pages" under settings/archiving.)