Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our trip to Pennsylvania - Part 1

The past two weeks we have been in central Pennsylvania, participating in Family Rallies in 10 different churches with our friends, Evangelist and Mrs. Tom Palmer and Edwin and Julie (Palmer) Barton, Cody and Caitlyn.
Here is a picture of our whole group after the final Family Rally.
Bro. and Mrs. Palmer
The Bartons
Our family
This is Calvary Bible, the Palmers' church. The church provided wonderful accommodations for us in their missions house (far right corner).
The front of "our" house. This was such a nice place to stay!
The church and house are almost on top of Nittany Mountain. Deborah and David walked to the top of the mountain to get some pictures.
The view from the top is so beautiful!
David taking a video from the deck of a lodge up on top of the mountain
We arrived in Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon (9-4-10) and had dinner at the church with the Palmers and Bartons. After dinner we practiced some of the music we would be using in the rallies the next couple of weeks.
The first church we were in (Sunday morning) was Bethel Baptist Church. Their pastor, Ron Bixler, was our pastor in Tennessee for about 5 years!
Pastor and Mrs. Bixler - It was so good to see them again!

Two-year-old Cody - a very sweet little boy!

Two-month-old Caitlyn - She is so precious!

In each of the churches there was a special program for the children...
...and Edwin taught a great lesson on obedience.
Sarah teaching the "5 Keys to Obedience"

Julie teaching a song
Melissa and Caitlyn
Bro. Palmer put together a good selection of helpful materials for the family. Rebekah and Emily worked the book table at each church.
Back at "our" house Sunday afternoon - playing ping-pong...
...and foosball
On Sunday night we did a rally at the church that Bro. Palmer's dad pastors.
Bro. and Mrs. Jack Palmer with great-granddaughter Caitlyn

Unloading the things for the book table at Bro. Jack Palmer's church

Practicing before church
We were so happy to have Mrs. Palmer and Julie sing some songs with us!
Visiting before and after church

Some of the Palmers' Amish neighbors came to this Family Rally! We really enjoyed getting to know them!


Luke and Cody
After church we had a delicious pizza dinner with all of the Palmers' family and some of their friends, the Leinbachs.
We enjoyed getting to know the Leinbach family!
All of the Smith and Leinbach girls


  1. I'm glad you all made it back safely and it looks like you had a wonderful, productive time!

  2. I so enjoyed seeing the photos from your trip! It looks like you had a great time! (I'm amazed you had time to post so extensively right before the wonderful upcoming event! See you then--I can't wait!
    Love Beth

  3. Beth,
    We can't wait either! :)
    We had really high speed internet at the church where we stayed, so we actually did most of the blog posts while we were still there.
    See you in ONE WEEK!!!!