Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our trip to Pennsylvania - Part 2

Monday, Labor Day, was one of our 4 days off.
Daddy and David playing ping-pong
In the afternoon we went over to the Palmers' house.
Playing kickball
Adorable Cody
This is "Annie dog". :)
Roasting hot dogs over the fire
Dinner time!
Anna and Caitlyn
Eating dinner around the fire
Some of the Palmers' neighbors joined us for dinner and music
A game of volleyball
Cody and his friend, Ashlyn
Music around the campfire
Emily and Caitlyn
Rebekah, Mrs. June Palmer, and Bro. Jack Palmer
We really enjoyed the fellowship we had with the Palmers!
This is the town of Centre Hall, where we stayed the past two weeks
There are a lot of Amish people living in the area.
All the churches we were in provided us with a lot of good food :)
On Tuesday night we were at Port Matilda Baptist Church
Setting up for the service
Mrs. Palmer and Mama visiting
Owen and Caitlyn
Anna in the nursery with Grant and Malachi
All of the girls enjoyed holding the babies who came to the rallies. :)
Jonathan visiting
Deborah and Grant
On Wednesday night we were at Emmanuel Bible Church
Cody loved helping set up for the services.
The children's program
Bro. Palmer preaching
After the rally - at the book table
Some friends of ours from Texas were visiting family in the area and surprised us at this rally!
It was so good to see them again after 5 years!
Our friends, the Todd Smith family
All the Smith kids

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