Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chickens - the First 5 Weeks

This year we ordered our chicks from our friends, the Hales!

So cute!

Livy LOVES to play with the chicks!

So does our friend, Clara!

This chick is not dead - just not sure what's being done to him! :)

A meat chicken - Cob Cob Fast Feather

An egg chicken - Rhode Island Red

We decided to take pictures to show how much faster the meat chickens grow, compared to the layers.
Here they are just 1 week old

2 weeks old!  Look how meaty the meat chicken is already!

4 weeks old!

Livy still loves them!

This chicken had a hurt leg so Amanda told Livy to hold him because he just needed some TLC.  Later Livy reported "I gave one chicken CPR!"  :)

5 weeks old
Look how much bigger the meat chicken is!

"What?!  You say we have only 3 weeks left to live?!"
 We're looking forward to eating these birds soon! :)

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