Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trip to Texas

Last weekend some of us took a quick trip to Texas for Samuel Schatte and Esther Hale's wedding.

Crossing the state line

We stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Beeman, and really enjoyed the time we spent visiting with them!  (But we didn't get any pictures there.)  :(

The first evening we were in TX, we and Mrs. Beeman went over to visit the younger Beemans.  We had fun with these sweet kiddos and their mama (their daddy was still at work).




Rebekah helping Danny on the stilts

Sarah and David

The next morning we went to the church to help get ready for the wedding.  It was really nice to visit with several friends while we worked.

Rebekah and Rachel

Elisha and Sarah

Decorating the auditorium - many hands make light work!


Lizzie and Esther

Visiting and ironing


The Hutchins and Gradys brought lunch for everyone.

Rebekah, Deborah, and Amanda

When we were finished at the church, we went to the Hales' to visit and to play with their little cousins.

Amy and little Bobby came over,too.

Rebekah and Glory


Esther and Liberty

That evening was the wedding rehearsal.  Mr. Hale and Mr. Schatte welcome everyone.

Samuel and Esther

The guys

And the girls

The bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner

I enjoyed spending time with Mercy, Merry, and Liberty during the rehearsal and dinner.

Saturday morning before the wedding

The wedding!

Visiting with friends afterwards

Amanda was one of the servers for the reception.

Ready to send the newlyweds off!

Kathryn has her birdseed ready.

Here they come!

Danny and Amanda

After the wedding, the Hales had a get-together at their home.

Visiting and playing with babies

Preparing the veggie trays

Rebekah and Glory

Sarah and Danny

A volleyball game

Thank you to the Schattes and Wahlquists for some of the pictures in this post.  :)

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