Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hudson, Eva, and Livy

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. They were taken with an iPod, so they're not the best quality, but they're better than nothing! :)

Hudson - 1 week old

Eva likes her O face!

Sleeping sweetly 

Olivia LOVES to hold Hudson!  She says "He thinks I'm his mommy!" :)

 Nap time is a lot more fun when there's a baby to snuggle with!


Eva plays in her room

I love this dress!  Mama got it for Eva before she was born, and it finally fits! :)

Eva came over to visit the chicks!

She thought they were funny!

Eva says "Moo!" to the cows 

Waving goodbye to Bessie

Eva says "I look cool!"

One more of Livy and Hudson! :)

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