Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Steven and Anna's Visit

Earlier this month, Steven, Anna, and the babies visited us for a week.  We had so much fun with them!

Hudson has grown up a lot.  It is fun to watch the two of them play together now.

Aunt 'Lissa shows Eva a video

Taking a walk...

...to visit the neighbors' cows

Cute chubby cheeks!

Aunt Deb with the kiddos

Grandmama reading with Hudson


Steven and Eva

Our Fisher Price Little People were Eva's (and Hudson's) favorite toys by far!  They played with them for hours.

Eva has a great imagination - it's a lot of fun to watch her play.

Eva goes for a ride on Daisy, our Great Pyrenees

All this playing makes one tired!

Playing with friends after church

Cute Hudson

Aunt Bekah and Eva look at something on the computer

Tony (the little boy Deborah babysits) was happy to have some little friends to play with.

Taking the babies (Hudson, and Eva's doll) for a stroll

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