Wednesday, October 16, 2013

William's First Birthday

This cute little fella turned one year old a few weeks ago.

We were glad that Steven and Anna were able to be here for his party.  The Gallagher and Corbett children love to play together!




Playing outside with their new balls (party favors)

The birthday boy and his parents


An adorable bunch!

Mr. Beeman shares pictures from their vacation

Playdough (another party favor)

Time to blow out the candle



Nicolas' balloon lifts him up to the ceiling!  :)

Time to discover the presents

I think Nicolas enjoyed it more than William did.

Eva and Papa

Enjoying William's new blocks

Hmmm...I think he needs some lessons on firearm safety.  (He really liked his new gun, though.)

Mama and Mrs. Beeman

Happy birthday, William!

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