Friday, October 3, 2014

The Bridge at Papa's House

We had a huge rain storm in early July.  We're not sure how high the water actually got  in the area around Papa's house (now David and Rachel's house), but it flattened all these grasses around the ditch bank...

...and completely washed out the culvert under the driveway.  It was a little funny because something similar had happened 4 years ago just before Anna and Steven got married and moved into the house.  (You can see pictures from that time here.)

The culvert washed several hundred yards down the road (it is that tiny speck that the finger is pointing to)!

Jonathan standing in the gully in the middle of what used to be the driveway.

The people in this picture are standing on either side of where the culvert should be.

Most of the gravel from the driveway ended up in a pile in the cotton field - notice how the bottom half of the field is flattened while the top half is still standing.

It's amazing to think about the force that water has!

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