Friday, June 9, 2017

The Rest of our Texas Trip

Visiting at D&D's Friday evening

Admiring Deborah's cute little garden

More visiting Saturday, after the rest of the clan arrived

Lunch on Saturday, before the shower

Cutting firewood to smoke chicken for dinner.

The Beemans came over to D&D's to visit awhile before the shower.



Kathryn and Trinity

Rebekah reading to Katie, David, and Trinity

Isaiah and Sarah

The guys had a basketball game during the baby shower.

Isaiah and James

Such a happy baby!

Taking a walk with the little Beemans after the shower

All of the extended Hale family and a few other friends came to the farm for dinner Saturday evening.

Michael and Cayla

Rachel and James


Hannah and Bella

Visiting with friends

Emma and Bobby discover the dessert - don't they look pleased?!

We had ice cream sundaes to celebrate Daddy's birthday.

Deborah and Weldon

Kelli, Hannah, and Elizabeth

Daddy, Mr. Hale, and Mr. Hutchins

Deborah, Daniel, and Weldon

Lunch at D&D's after church Sunday

Corrie and Emma had a "picnic".

Playing in the tent Peter made for them afterwards

Bethany, Corrie, and Emma

Stories with Uncle Andrew

Showing the shower gifts to Daniel

Amanda gave Deborah some Beatrix Potter wall stickers for baby's room.

The crib

Isn't it cute?  Now all it needs is the baby...just 8 more weeks to go!

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