Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Lewis Edition: June

Baby squash!

Our car wasn't starting properly, so we rented this Kia Soul
to get to Deborah's shower.
We enjoyed the vehicle, but what a color!!

Russell's and my violin and piano students gave a recital
the beginning of June.

Russell's students at the recital practice

Russell's and my student, Colt

Alex and I playing a duet

Part of the violin ensemble
I've enjoyed getting to know these sweet young people!

Russell and I with Colt.

First-ripe cucumber!

And ripe cherry tomatoes!
Home-grown are the best!!!

Sparrows enjoying the seeds spilled from our feeder.

We camped for a couple nights at Lavon Lake. 

My precious husband reading the Bible to me.

Cute little easel from Mama!

Lydia and I decided to match one Sunday! :)

This month marked our first anniversary! 
We took an anniversary trip to Little Rock,
where we went on our honeymoon.
Somehow I forgot to take a single picture,
but we had a sweet time together!

Following our anniversary, Daddy, Mama and Rebekah met us for lunch in Little Rock,
and we brought Reb back with us for a couple weeks! She helped us with a big project
we were working on, and with her help we were able to complete it!

Rebekah and I played many games of Scrabble, walked and
ran together, cooked, cleaned, and hosted company and our church's
Bible Study, and did our traditional walk to the dollar stores and
Dairy Queen!
We loved having her visit!

The second weekend Rebekah was visiting we went camping!
Setting up the tent

This campground (near Fort Worth) had so much interesting wildlife!
In the first few minutes we spotted a road runner, vultures and several deer.
We later saw another road runner, a flock of turkeys, a rabbit, and two sets
of twin fawns with their mamas.  The scenery (cacti, rocks and short trees)
and animals looked so "Texas-y"!

I spotted this lizard and enjoyed watching and photographing him!

 If you look closely, you can see the flock of turkeys
at the edge of the trees.

It stormed one night while we were camping.
Here we are, huddled under (and grateful for!)
the canopy over our picnic table.

One day while we were camping we drove into Dallas.
We stopped at the Walmart right across from the
Cowboys' Stadium!  Pretty cool!

"Daddy's building"!
It was so fun to see this familiar landmark ... we have fond
memories of getting to go to work with Daddy, usually as part
of a birthday outing, when we were growing up.

The highlight of our trip was visiting some dear friends!
Isaiah wanted to cuddle with Russell before his nap.

Such a snuggle bunny!

Katherine and I enjoyed playing piano duets together.

Danny drove this remote-controlled car around 
and brought each of us toys or other objects. 

The whole group!
Thank y'all so much for the fun time!!!  Let's do it
again soon!

One evening we met Deborah and Daniel, Sam, Esther
and their little ones for dinner at the East Texas Burger Company.

While we were visiting outside after dinner a train came by!

Watching the train

Some of our group on the (stationary) "little red caboose"!
Emma and Corrie loved it!

Group picture!

Just the girls. :)

And that concludes our full, wonderful, and fun month!

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