Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Lewis Edition: March and April

Our sweet cat gave us 4 adorable kittens,
bringing them one by one to our apartment door!

Meet Midnight,



and Grayson!

We have enjoyed them so much,
as have our students and little friends!

We finally got moved into our new house!
We are loving it!!!

Moving Day!!!
In all the busyness I didn't get pictures of our dear friends
who came to help. Thank you all!!!

 We've been busy getting settled in.
Our guest room is (pretty much ;)) ready for visitors!
Any takers? đŸ˜€

 Cozy living room at night

Beautiful flowers,
a housewarming gift from a friend!

Watching our driveway being put in!


Working on leveling the yard so we can plant grass!

I was so happy to get these on clearance for $4-$5 each!
They will go around our front porch when it gets built. :)

Love our mailbox! It's a reminder of those who love us;
Deb and Dan gave us the box, Sarah gave us the cover,
Russell's siblings gave us the Home Depot card which bought
the wood and concrete, and Rod built the post
and put it in for us! ❤
Thank you all!

Saw this little guy when I was out on a walk.

Anna, the Kitten Whisperer. ;)

Simple dinner spread for Bible study.
I love our island and hosting in our new place!

We met Deborah, Daniel and the kids for dinner.
This little guy is growing up so fast!

Sweet (and brave!) Caitlyn

Hope you enjoyed this peek into our lives!

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