Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Lewis Edition: May

In May Russell and I attended the Founder's Conference
in Louisville, Kentucky.

So thankful for these godly men!
The conference was wonderful.

The view from our hotel room!

Working on the top of this building = not my dream job! 😲

We got to visit my family on the way there and back.

Sweet big brother Hugh letting sis brush his hair.


We brought my dog, Daisy, home to live with us!
She was great on the ride home and actually seemed to enjoy it!

Sweet girl!

 She quickly established herself in this spot!

A few highlights from our music students' recital!

Sam and Tessa played, "Cripple Creek."

 Will has grown so much in his violin playing this year!

Anna and Lydia played, "Amazing Grace."

 Spring in Texas!

Our neighbor cow... 

... and miniature colt!

I attended one of Russell's rehearsals and enjoyed
feeling like a fly on the wall. :)

Concert time!

First-ripe tomatoes from our plants!

We had a porch put on our house!

Daisy approves. 😌

So do we!  We are loving it!!


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