Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain...rain....and more rain!

According to West Tennessee Weather we have received 13.36 inches of rain during the past 2 weeks!
The little pond in front of our house is not so little anymore!
A few flooded places on our farm road
This rushing water is in the middle of the road.
The soybeans are flooded...
...and the creek is filling up.
This is where we sat for a picnic a few weeks ago. (click here to see pictures)
Bamboo on the banks of the creek.
This is a short clip of the rushing water in the creek. (There is no audio on the first two clips.)
When we were walking through the woods (which are quite flooded) we noticed this hole in the ground. Water was rushing into it just like a drain! It must have been coming out somewhere else in one of the creeks, but we didn't see where. We thought it was really neat!
David "mud surfing"

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  1. Hi Emily, got your e-mail. Thanks for the link to your family blog.
    With all that water perhaps y'all should grow rice!