Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stuart and the Copperhead

This is a copperhead that Stuart found about a week ago.
He was very angry with it and kept throwing it up in the air, even after it was dead.
A few hours later we discovered that he had been bitten by it! His snout was very swollen.
It's hard to tell in these pictures, but he looked like he had a couple golf balls stuffed in his cheeks.
He had a quick recovery....if you had seen him the next morning, you would never have thought that he had been bitten!


  1. Good dog! That's is wonderful that he recovered so well and fast!
    Did you Doctor him in any way?

  2. Hi, Adrienne!
    Yes, we gave him benadryl to bring down the swelling, but we don't really think it had much to do with his recovery.

  3. I keep hoping that these offensive snake pictures will be replaced. NOW, will not be soon enough.
    Guess Who!! (T)

  4. I've replaced the snake pictures...I forgot how much you hated snakes! We miss you, Tia! Love you!