Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My little buddy Samuel has come to spend two weeks with me, and we are having the best time together!
This is Samuel, and he is going to tell you about our weeks...
Samuel says, "See how happy I am? I am loving my time with Bekah!"
"Each morning when I wake up, I sit and wait patiently for Bekah to finish studying, then it's time for my Bible reading. For my Bible time we are reading together in Mark. It has been very fun for me! We read about pigs that fell in the water, and that was my favorite part!"
"On days when it's not too cold, Bekah and I go out for a run together as soon as my Bible time is over. If it's too cold in the morning, we wait until after school for our run."
"Then it's time for Bible study with all of the Smiths. I sit very quietly next to Bekah. The Smiths are reading in the Old Testament, and I hear lots of funny names being read. I like it, though"
"After Bible study and breakfast I help Bekah take care of the chickens."
"When we come back inside, I help Bekah do her jobs. Here I am helping clean the bathroom. She let me spray the cleaner on the counter, then we both wiped it up... and I got to wash the faucet by myself!"
"When we finish our jobs it's time for school.
Bekah says I'm a good student.
I am learning to write my name!
"This is one of my math pages...
"... and I learned to spell some new words!"
"I can write most of my numbers!"
"After school time we can play outside! This is my favorite time of the day!
I get to feed David's geese..."
"... and play ball with Bekah..."
"When we come inside, there is usually enough time to play some more before supper"
"While I've been here, I have been able to meet lots more of Bekah's friends and buddies. They have all been so nice to me. I like them. I give them all hugs and they give me hugs."
"I got to go to Bekah's grandma's house with her, and she let me play with a doll that has red yarn hair. It had a string and when I pulled it, it made noises! That excited me!"
"Now I will be going home in just a few days, but Bekah is going to come home with me! She says she will put more pictures on this blog when she gets home in a few weeks."
Bekah and I love each other!


  1. How sweet! It looks like you've had a wonderful time...

    I hope that I can meet you and be your friend some day, Samuel!

  2. Awww! I agree, very sweet!!! I especially love the last pic. Just beautiful!

  3. Looks like Samuel is enjoying his time on the farm!
    Love the pic of you two together!

  4. Samuel has grown so much since I saw him last! What a sweet relationship! I praise the Lord for how He brought your two families together through WINGS!