Sunday, March 28, 2010

Three more weeks with Samuel

I just returned from South Carolina, after spending
another three wonderful weeks
with Samuel at his home.
It seemed more like one week to me...
one busy, full, fun week!
I love Samuel so much!!!
One highlight of my time there was helping
him with his schoolwork every day.
With a little help Samuel can write his name now!
He is also learning to spell some new words...
... and this was his favorite thing to spell!
After school Samuel and I built a tent to play in...
... and we continued our running together each day.
I had such a WONDERFUL time with Samuel... I always
do, but this visit was my best yet!
Samuel is a precious darling and it is
such a joy for me to be with him!
After five weeks together, I really miss Samuel now!
-Samuel, until we are together again, remember how much Bekah loves and misses you!
Remember also that Jesus loves you and that Bekah is praying for you every day.

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