Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last week some friends of ours, the Mellorns, were going to Texas. They had two extra seats in their van so they asked if a couple of us would like to go along. :) As it was, Mama and I were the only ones who could take them up on their gracious offer. We all encouraged Mama to go because she hadn't seen our friend Mrs. Beeman in four years. (Most of the rest of us got to see her last year.)
When we got to Greenville, James met us and took us to their house. It was late, so Patrick and Nicolas were asleep by the time we got there. We didn't get to see them until the next morning.
Eating breakfast
The boys are SO precious! James and Hope are doing a great job training them!
Nicolas "reading" his Bible during Bible time :)
"Let's race!"
Patrick putting the mail in the mailbox. (He was a little worried because "Aunt Deborah" was standing in the street!)
Patrick picked a lot of flowers for Granny Smith, his Mama, and Aunt Deborah. He is such a sweet boy!
I love them so much!!!!!!!!
Hope and Nicolas
Mr. Beeman ("Poppie") and Nicolas
Mr. and Mrs. Beeman took us all to Chick-fil-A for lunch.
Playing with my darling little boys
Patrick opening the door for a lady :)
Mama and Mrs. Beeman
Patrick feeling very loved by "Granny Smith" and "Mimi" :)
What a cutie!
Playing outside together
Friday afternoon I helped Patrick plant a little garden.
Thanks to Hope for taking a lot of the pictures in this post. :)
Watering the garden
Nicolas wanted to help, too. Here he is inspecting the mud on his hands. :)
Patrick is mowing the lawn...
...and Nicolas is sweeping the porch.
"Stick ice-cream"
I thought Nicolas' soapy hairstyle was adorable!
Nicolas and Hope (and Baby G. #3!!!)
What precious smiles!
Patrick and Nicolas are so much fun to play with!
Showing Patrick pictures of our chicks
Patrick and Aunt Deborah
"Get in the picture, Nicolas!"
Saturday afternoon Hope took me to Mary and Eric's house, where Mama and the Beemans were staying. She and the boys stayed a little while to visit.
When we woke up the next morning this is what we saw!!!!!!! There was 3-4 inches of snow!
Mama and Mrs. Beeman cooking
Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Hale braved the snow and came and took me to their house where I surprised Hannah by walking in the door! I had a wonderful time in their home!
Out in the snow with Hannah and Esther
Hannah and me
Here are a few pictures from a stop we made on the trip home.
Josiah, Bethany and me
Thank you, Hope and James, Beemans, and Hales for the wonderful visit!!!
Thank you, Eric and Mary, for allowing us to stay in your home while you were away!
Thank you, Mrs. Mellorn, for letting us ride with y'all!!!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    I love the pic of you sitting w/the children that is in black and white! :)

  2. I did have a wonderful time! Hope (the mother) took and edited that picture. :) I got it from her blog. :)