Sunday, May 16, 2010

At the R Ranch

This past weekend a friend from our church got married, and our family went down to Dahlonega, Georgia, to play the music for the wedding.
We saw a lot of interesting signs along the way. Here are two of our favorites.
For the last few hours of our trip, the roads were really curvy. The speed limit ranged from 15 to 30 mph. ( It was beautiful, but we took a different route home. :) )
We saw signs that said "Watch for trucks crossing center line" and "Limited sight distance".
On one side of the highway were big cliffs, and on the other side big drop offs....then the river.
The Hiwassee river
Thursday night we had dinner with one of Daddy's college friends and his wife, who live in the area.
The wedding was held at the R Ranch, and the Greers (the bride's family) rented 2 cabins for us to stay in while we were there!
Our cabins - one is up the hill behind the other
Our cabins were right on the lake!
The beautiful view from the front porch of our cabin in the early morning
A Canadian Goose
The beautiful mountains
Rebekah and Amanda
We had so much fun at the ranch! One of the things we enjoyed the most was canoeing. We had the whole lake to ourselves on Friday morning!
Jonathan and David
Deborah and Emily
Amanda and Jonathan
Mama and David
Rebekah and Deborah
The view of our cabin from the lake
Inside the cabin....`going over the music for the wedding
Practicing for the rehearsal dinner
It's a lot more fun to practice in such a beautiful place! :)
Playing baseball
Beautiful mountains
The Tennessee State flower --- in Georgia
At the wedding rehearsal
Practicing with one of the soloists
Sarah, the bride, singing the part of the other soloist, who was not able to come to the rehearsal.
Daddy, Mama, Melissa and Emily visiting with Chris, the groom
Talking with Mr. Latch - Chris' dad
Jonathan, Amanda, Deborah, Anna and David playing at the rehearsal dinner
Daddy and Mr. Latch
Jonathan, Anna and David playing baskettball
The bride and groom the night before their wedding - after a game of volley ball
We loved looking at the beautiful scenery!
The next 3 pictures were taken from the front porch of the cabin.
Swimming was another thing we enjoyed at the R Ranch!
It was fun to have the Olympic size pool all to ourselves!
We enjoyed being with our friends, the Harrises, on Saturday morning.
They live near the Ranch and came to our cabin for a visit.
Hiking on one of the trails with Luke and Lindsay
David, Luke, and Jonathan
Deborah and Lindsay
Along the hike, we decided to take a picture by setting the camera on a timer.
Another attempt at a group picture
A pile of shoes
The boys cooling off in the cabin after the hike
The wedding was at 2:00 Saturday afternoon
This is what the sky looked like at 12:30.
This picture was taken around 1:00, shortly before they decided to move the wedding indoors. Once it started raining in the distance, we couldn't see some of the mountains. (Compare this picture to the one above.)
The storm was right above us.
After the wedding - Chris and Sarah with Chris' dad and sister.
Chris and Sarah leaving the reception
The clouds after the storm
Steam coming up from a stream
We got a lot of exercise going up and down the steep hill between our cabins. :) This picture was taken from the cabin that Daddy, Mama, Melissa and Emily stayed in, and the cabin in the picture is where the rest of us stayed.
Loading the van
On the front porch
The inhabitants of cabin 1...
...and cabin 2
We were grateful for a wonderful and safe trip!!!


  1. Looks like a great place to spend a few days as a family. I hope it was refreshing for all of you!

  2. It is, Steven,....and it was! Wish you could have been there to enjoy it with us! That would have made it even better!

  3. what a fun trip! so glad your travels were safe. Hope everything goes well tomorrow!! Love you all lots!

  4. What a lovely place! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!
    Lotsa fun!
    I'm sure your music was beautiful!
    Glad you had a safe trip. :)

  5. Looks like y'all had wonderful adventures together.
    The pictures are beautiful.